Medicine Hat’s Ukrainian Dance Studio

Ages 3 and Up learning the love of Ukrainian culture through dance. Ukrainian Dance is known for its JOY with technical spins and floor tricks in beautiful cultural costume that is EXPLODING with energy.


About the teacher…

Hi, I’m Kendra.

I began Ukrainian dancing at age 4 with Boyan in 1988, then with Saskatoon School of dance starting in 1996 and bridged for a couple of years and was blessed to dance with Pavlychenko Folklorique Ensemble (PFE) until 2002 when I moved from Saskatoon. I learned so much from during this time and built a true love for dance.

I have owned GX now Elementz teaching Hip hop and Breaking with my husband since 2009 in Medicine Hat Alberta. Recently my heart has been turned back to Ukrainian dance. I love to share culture and for the past 2 years I have taught Ukrainian Dance and culture in the Medicine Hat Public School System. I showed my daughter the culture and she wants to learn the dance but there are no studios in our Medicine Hat that teach it so I am returning to recreational Ukrainian Dance teaching basics at our studio.

Register for Classes Starting Sept 2021

Let’s Dance!

Location 635 – 4th Street SE Medicine Hat, AB T1A 0L1 (INSIDE ST. BARNABUS CHURCH) Phone 403 487 BBOY(2269) E-mail Hours STARTING SEPTEMBER 14 Mon 4-9 Tues 4-9 Wed 4-9 Thurs 330-830 Fri 6-8 Sat 10-8- by private lesson appointment only Closed December- OPEN DURING SCHOOL BREAK CAMPS
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